Group Businesses

Joyful Athletic Club Co., Ltd.

MTJ FITNESS Corporation


The company currently operates membership sports clubs in four stores: Tsuchiura, Moriya, Chiba New Town, and Moto-Yawata. With the exception of the Moto-Yawata club, each club has a swimming pool, training gym, studios where you can participate in a variety of programs such as yoga and aerobics, and a tennis court (also used for lessons). Relaxation facilities such as a spa and sauna are also available. We also offer swimming, tennis, gymnastics and soccer schools for children to contribute to their health and growth. The Moto-Yawata club operates an Orangetheory Fitness studio, a state-of-the-art fitness studio franchise that originated in the United States and is growing rapidly around the world. Going forward, we will continue to provide relaxing and enjoyable facilities and be a social outlet for the community.