CSR (Energy-saving measures)

Joyful Honda is working on “creation of stores with a lower environmental impact” and “promotion of environmental activities through products” for the sake of a more prosperous future.

Creation of stores with a lower environmental impact

LED lighting

By converting store lighting to energy-saving LED lighting and promoting energy conservation, Joyful Honda is striving to prevent global warming through a reduction in CO2.


We are making efforts to prevent global warming by replacing store air-conditioning units with new ones with an expectation of saving electricity and by promoting energy-saving in a similar way to LED lighting.

Solar power generation

We have installed solar panels at our large stores (the Chiba New Town store and the Chiyoda store), and are making efforts to utilize renewable, natural energy.

Electric car battery-charging facilities

We have installed ordinary battery chargers and rapid battery chargers for electric cars at all stores (except the Chiba store) in line with the spread of eco-friendly electric cars.

Promotion of environmental activities through products

Environmentally friendly packaging containers

We are promoting adoption of environmentally friendly product packaging for merchandise packaging and containers with the aim of achieving labor savings in waste disposal.

* The photograph shows a sales floor for water-based pouch paints that enable us to decrease trash and reduce CO2.

Unwanted soil collection service

Our garden centers provide an unwanted soil collection service and also sell recycled potting soil made from the recovered soil.

* The soil collection service is available only to customers who have purchased potting soil designated by the Company and bring the unwanted soil placed in its empty bag to our stores. The collected soil is intended for recycling and therefore must be free of things like trash, branches and pebbles.