Corporate Vision

Our Customers’ Delight is Our (the Company’s) Delight
(Co-creating dreams with our customers)
Our wish is to work together with our customers to achieve their dreams, and to see the smiles of joy on our customers’ faces.
Valuing the people and culture of the area, contributing to the local community, forging bonds of trust, and enriching the lives of our customers. This is what a true “customer comes first” philosophy is all about, and it has been Joyful Honda’s most important desire and purpose since the company was first founded.
Home and Lifestyle Center
Mega stores of an overwhelming scale seen in no other store. Through the pursuit of the convenience of a one-stop location, multiple in-store sections whose exhaustive product selections to match any specialty outlet will make them the core of the store, an overwhelming product volume, and low prices, we will become the best store for our customers in the area. Each and every day, we value our encounters with our customers and continue in our quest to be the best store in the area.
To Become the “Leading Expert” in One’s Own Area of Responsibility
Aim to become professionals who always listen to what our customers have to say and reflect that in our products and sales floors, to become the kind of personnel who can provide customer satisfaction. When customers have concerns, take the initiative and make the effort to help them find a solution. These are the driving forces and everyday action guidelines that continue to put our bodies and minds in motion.
Joyful Honda Town
There are some things that only mega stores can do.
As the top stores in each area, we will take maximum advantage of our stores’ vast floor space to achieve product selections and services that will satisfy our customers. Then, on the sales floors that have been developed with creativity and innovation, we will make comprehensive lifestyle proposals that will make our customers excited to imagine for themselves the potential for a more enriched lifestyle.
There are some kinds of satisfaction that we can offer precisely because of the scale of our stores.
Joyful Honda Town is overflowing with dreams, fun, vitality, and life.